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Adirondack Council Award
The Adirondack Council is the premier advocacy group for the protection of the environment in the Adirondack Park.  The Council presented the Lake Colby Association with a Resolution of its Board and a plaque recognizing the Associations success in getting watercraft horsepower limited to 10HP on the lake and in stopping the 2007 planned auto races on the lake's frozen surface.  This link will take you to the citation.  The Council also presented the LCA with a plaque containing the 10HP Act signed into law and the pen used by the Governor.  We will have both for display at our annual meeting.

Auto Races on Ice
Consistent with our charter, we vigorously opposed the planned use of Lake Colby for auto races on the ice March 8 & 9, 2008.  Our opposition and February 28, 2008 presentation to the Village Board was and is based on (i) noise in front of the hospital, (ii) the risk to the environment, and (iii) the lack of jurisdiction over such an event by the Village, Town, or DEC.  The organizers, Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club, have withdrawn, but the larger issue of the Village (or any landowner's) rights to use the ice without some environmental review and oversight remain.  A list of public policy questions we will pose to our representatives , the APA, and the DEC to resolve this larger problem is posted here.  We will also work with the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce and other local activist groups to plan events that will attract tourists but not be threatening to the Lake.  We thank everyone involved for their input to this effort.  A continuing attack on the LCA's position in letters to the editor at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise prompted a reply by LCA President, Nancy Keet.

The Adirondack North Country Association has posted its Blueprint for the Blue Line on its website.  This is valuable and interesting reading for every LCA member.

10 HP Restriction
Our proposed amendment to the New York Navigation Law making 10HP state law for Lake Colby was signed by the Governor!  The Saranac Lake Village board and the Harrietstown town board both supported us, and on January 11th Senator Betty Little and Assembly Member Janet Duprey sponsored Senate Bill S1100 and Assembly Bill 2010. It signed it will take effect April 1.

Public Education Program
Our milfoil information station at the boat launch continues to be a success, with hundreds more of our booklets distributed through October of last year.  We started this program again in May and already have distributed many dozens more.